East Texas man keeping tradition alive at Hickory Hill Barbeque

For decades the spot where Hickory Hill sits has been a respected barbeque stop. It's previous owner, Mr. Big operated Big Warren's Barbeque Cafe for several years. 

One of his many customers over the years, Kerry Shaw who dreamed of one day owning the place. 

"I would go here with my grandfather when I was visiting him from Dallas," Shaw explained. 

For him the diner was filled with memories of BBQ smoke in the air, homemade cooking, and good times with family and friends. 

"People was also happy, people was always family. Whether you had money or whether you had nothing." 

When the diner closed its doors around 30 years ago, Shaw looked to fulfill his promise to his grandfather and bought the place. 

"I was like a kid first time seeing snow. Giving my thanks to God that I had the opportunity to buy this place." 

Shaw spent years teaching himself how to make his mark on the barbeque seen. "I perfected my techniques just be messing around on a pit. You know barbeque is much more than just feeling the meat, and slapping it on the grill." 

Shaw changed the diner's name to Hickory Hill Barbeque, and opened the eatery around six years ago. 

He kept much of the old style of Mr. Big's Diner, including the old pit he used to use. 

But his dedication goes much future than that. 

"he's up and he's on the pit all day," his wife Kelly Shaw explained. "if people come in here needing gas, or water, or anything, he's there to help. We've had a few who've maybe has lost jobs. We feed them, their kids, their family, and give them hope and inspiration." 

He, his wife, and their kids work together the keep the pit up and serving East Texas. 

To find out more about his story, click the video above or visit the on social media. 

Hickory Hill Barbeque on Facebook. 

Hickory Hill Barbeque online. 


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